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Neochloris's patent pending technology captures atmospheric or fossil fuel carbon dioxide and converts it into marketable biofuel and co-products by means of algae production. We have performed laboratory tests that successfully proved the core concept behind the technology. Pilot tests are currently underway.

SIREN™ (Supervisory Intelligent Real-time Expert Network)

SIREN™ provides an early warning of poison introduced deliberately or accidentally into drinking water (AquaCoil™), milk, beverages, and food supplies, so that authorities can take proactive measures to prevent massive public health emergencies. Based on two patents, and numerous proprietary developments, SIREN™ consists of biosensors that are monitored and controlled by a cloud-based system that not only provides early warning alarms to public health officials but also recommends proactive strategies to prevent public health and environmental catastrophes.

SIREN™ characteristics include:

  • Online, real time biosensors to detect and measure toxic substances
  • Early warning systems to alert authorities of poisoning of water and other media by terrorists
  • Automatic emergency response
  • Robust design and low maintenance to ensure reliable operation


BioCoil™ is a patented on-line instrument that detects, in advance, any toxic substances introduced deliberately or accidentally into municipal or industrial sewers before they damage the downstream wastewater treatment plants and receiving waters such as rivers and lakes. It sends immediate warning alarms to pre-selected parties to prevent environmental emergencies. It has multiple uses including:

  • Process control and optimization
  • Rapid five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) measurements
  • Compliance with Homeland Security regulations for wastewater treatment
  • Screening of “special” batch wastes
  • Treatability studies

Please see our paper on BioCoil presented at Water Environment Federation's WEFTEC Conference in Washington, D.C. (November 1, 2005): An Early Warning System for Plant Protection, Process Control, and Revenues.


A patented cloud-based integrated computer system comprising of both hardware and software that predicts potential process failures, provides early warning, and recommends proactive strategies to prevent environmental catastrophes. SCADAR™:

  • Receives and analyzes real time data/voice/video from water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Predicts, in advance, potential non-compliance events and process failures and informs pre-selected parties via land-line, wireless, and satellite communication means
  • Upon access by a user via Internet, shows current and historic data and provides expert advice on appropriate response action
  • Is also capable of remotely initiating action at plant sites (e.g., shutting a pump, diverting flow)


A patented bioreactor used for biorefining applications such as methane production, ethanol fermentation, and carbon dioxide generation. It is an anaerobic fermentation process for converting an influent liquid containing suspended and soluble organic matter to effluent gas and liquid products. The solids are separated from the liquid by “bio-flotation” resulting in a clear effluent liquid. The process features include:

  • Low cost treatment of wastewater
  • Fermentation of ethanol
  • Sustainable energy production
  • Reduced operating expenses

MPR (Modulating Phase Reactor)

A biological wastewater treatment technology that generates sustainable energy and produces net zero sludge solids at much lower cost than competing technologies. This can be an integrated technology involving anaerobic followed by aerobic processes for extremely high strength wastes or simply anaerobic technology for other wastes. The characteristics of this innovative process include:

  • 95%+ BOD5 removals
  • Low effluent suspended solids
  • Generation of methane for process fuel and cogeneration
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