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A Sample Listing of Our Projects

NeochlorisNeochloris® has funded laboratory research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that successfully proved the core concept behind Neochloris®technology that converts carbon dioxide to biofuel through algae production. Results of this research demonstrate that our process will be able to sequester more carbon dioxide and produce more biofuel than competing technologies.

biogas measurement systemNeochloris® designed and helped install a biogas measurement system for an anaerobic facility treating manure at a swine farm in the Philippines. This allowed our client to obtain Certified Emission Reduction (CER) carbon credits under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol.

Neochloris® provided conceptual design services for projects in Asia and Latin America using our innovative technologies. These services are for converting pig and dairy manure and other industrial wastes to methane which is burned to produce electricity thereby reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The carbon credits generated (which are equivalent to the amount of methane burned) are traded on global climate exchanges.

Our patented BioCoil™ technology helps the operators of a major municipal sewage treatment plant protect their activated sludge system from toxics – introduced into the sewers either accidentally or deliberately. BioCoil™ senses, in advance, any potential toxicity in the wastewater and automatically triggers alarms to alert operators. It is also generating revenues for the operators by helping them quickly screen industrial wastes before accepting them for treatment in their wastewater system.

Neochloris® provided our patented OmniFloat™ technology (supplemented with chemical addition and composting) to a poultry processor for upgrading their wastewater treatment facility. Our solution enhanced odor reduction, improved effluent quality, and ensured compliance. This client won the Best Industrial System Award from the Central States Water Environment Federation for their environmental upgrades.

The OmniFloat™ system treats wool-scouring wastewater and produces sustainable energy at a major textile facility in United Kingdom. Our client won the UK Department of Trade & Industry "Biotechnology Means Business" award for their environmental stewardship.

A major dairy facility used the OmniFloat™ system to pretreat cheese whey, milk spills, and plant wash water before discharge to the city sewage treatment plant. Our technology helped them reduce influent organics, minimize sludge production, and generate sustainable biogas fuel, thereby reducing their treatment costs and user fee to the city.

Neochloris®'s Modulating Phase Reactor (MPR™) is used by a potato processor to treat their wastewater before land application. The technology is implemented in this application in the form of a geo-textile covered lagoon which reduces electricity consumption, provides biogas for boiler fuel, and efficiently removes organic pollutants including starch, solids, and greases. Our client won awards from their corporate Sustainability Council and received recognition by the government.

Our Modulating Phase Reactor (MPR™) is used by a beverage processor to treat wastewater before surface discharge. By minimizing aeration energy requirements and producing sustainable biogas, the MPR™ reduces treatment costs compared to conventional processes.

A printing facility needed to decolorize ink-contaminated wastewater before discharge to the local municipal sewers and selected OmniFloat™ because of its low installation and operating costs. It achieved compliance with the city, state, and federal regulations and received recognition from the corporate executives for the innovative solution.

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